New Age Coins | FAQ

What are New Age Coins [Convertible Discount & Reward Token]?

New Age Coins are a virtual token reward system made to give investors extraordinary discounts on reliable social media and advertising services. New Age Coins help brands expand by letting them buy our Tokens, which give investors up to a 75% discounts on reliable advertising services for YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, S.E.O Audits, & Premium Website Traffic. New Age Coins can also be sold back to Administration & Converted into Waves or exchanged for PayPal Gift Cards. Advertising for the New Age!

How do I buy New Age Coins?

You can buy New Age Coins with WAVES OR BTC. Users must send a payment of at least $10 USD in crypto to start on our home page

What are the Services you offer?

We offer reliable social media & advertising services to a global audience for services like YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, S.E.O Audits, & Premium Website Traffic. 

Can I transfer My New Age Coins for Waves?

Yes, you can transfer us your New Age Coin balance for a conversion to Waves, BTC, BioTech Tokens or PayPal

Can I get New Age Coins for free?

Yes, when voting for ICOs 1,000 New Age Coins and we will give away as a reward!


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